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Our Course


                1:- Ratinoscope                                      2:- Trial Frame
                3:- Corneal Loupe                                 4:- Optician Ruler
5:- One tool box consisting of:-
(a) Glass Chipping Plier (b) Diamond Pencil (c) A Small Pair of Scissor (d) Optician Screw Driver

Optometry is a primary health care profession related with the Prevention and remediation of disorders of visual system through examination diagnosis, treatment. Optometry is the first line of defense against blindness.
There will be two main examination at the end of first year and second year , beside internal test , which will be conducted in the following manners:-

First Paper : Anatomy and Phisiology of Eye.
Second Paper : Physical and Phisiologcaloptics.
Third Peper : Practical & Viva-Voice.

First Paper : Disease of eye drugs diagnostic instruments.
Second Paper : Mechanical optics & opthalmic lenses.
Third Paper : Practical & Viva-Voice.

It is estimated that about 2.5 million of the population are neurological and physically disabled in the state of U.P. but the no. of qualified physiotherapists are few. This is indicative of the acute need of the qualified physiotherapists and wide prospects of the Profession and its related courses.
There will be two main examination at the end of first year and final year beside internal test which will be conducted in the following manner:-

First Paper : Anatomy, Physiology & Massage Movement.
Second Paper : Physics of Electro Therapy.
Third Paper : Practical & Viva-Voice.

First Paper : Applied Anatom, Medical Surgical Conditions.
Second Paper : Physiotherapy, Electrotherapy, and Rehabilitation.
Third Paper : Practiacal & Viva-Voice.


The hostel fee is Rs- 60,000.00/- per year which includes lodging boarding mess and all Facilities described above which are to be paid at the time of admission:-
1:- Each hosteller shall deposit a security of Rs- 2500/- Refundable at the time of leaving the Hostel/ College, after recovery of any damaged caused by hosteller/ student concerned to the hostel or its property.
2:- Relatives/ Friends or any guests are not allowed to stay in the hostel.
3:- Radio, TV, Tape Recorder, Music Instruments and Room heater are not allowed in the hostel.
4:- Any kind of disturbing activities are not allowed in the hostel.
5:-The resident must mention the name, time of arrival and departure in the hostel register everyday.
6:- So far as possible, the hostel accommodation will be provided to out station students.
7:- It shall be compulsary for a student to have a local guardian before he/she is allotted accommodation in the hostel.
8:- The hostellers are not allowed to leave the hostel premises unless they obtain written permission from the hostel warden/principal.
9:- The hostel residents are allowed to have visitors only after teaching hours from 3pm to 6pm and on holidays/ Sundays from 9am to 11am.
10:- No visitor shall be allowed to visit/ meet the students except with the prior written permission of the warden/principal whatever might be the reson for such visit.
11:- The resident students are allowed to receive the phone calls during fixed time only i.e. from 5pm to 7pm or ly by kthe people authorized by the parents about which the student concerned will furnish a letter from the parents indiacating such authorized persons.

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